‘Participation Week’ –Impressive programme hosted by @scotgov’s Directorate for Local Government and Communities

Image courtesy of So Say Scotland, 2013 'Thinking Together Citizens' Assembly' in Glasgow

Image courtesy of democratic innovators So Say Scotland, 2013 ‘Thinking Together Citizens’ Assembly’ in Glasgow

 ‘Creating the world we want to live in’, Podcast with keynote speakers at the launch of Participation Week

Participation Week begins on the 8th of June with a fast moving Launch Event chaired by Sarah Davidson, Director General Communities at Scottish Government: “Participation and Citizen Ownership – The Challenge for Government” will explore the challenges and the benefits of putting people at the centre of the SG’s work.
You will hear from experts and participate in table discussions about how the SG can transform public services in Scotland by involving people in the decisions that affect their lives. Evidence sessions will be led by Andy Williamson, of Democratise, Oliver Escobar of What Works Scotland and Chris Yui of SCVO.

The programme includes 19 events:

Please note that some of the events take place twice, so check the website to see alternative dates.


The last conversation in this series takes us abroad as we look at international experience in citizen participation and community engagement.

To get the conversation started we have, as usual, a mixed panel:

  • Betsy Super, American researcher based at the University of Edinburgh; specialist in political participation in the USA.
  • Koen Bartels, Dutch researcher based at the University of Glasgow; investigates practices of participation in Amsterdam, Bologna and Glasgow.
  • Veronica Campanile, a Scottish practitioner with experience in the UK and abroad -specially in South America-, and currently a Community Planning Officer at East Lothian Council.

REGISTRATION: Attendance is free but please sign up by email to Nicola Bryce at ppn@ed.ac.uk. The venue is accessible. All welcome.

Thursday 2nd June 2011, 5-6.30 pm, with drinks and nibbles after
6th Floor, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15A George Square
School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh


Find out more about the CITIZEN PARTICIPATION GROUP at PPN.



This encounter closes the first series organised by the Citizen Participation Group at PPN, I hope you can make it.
You are also invited to join us again in September for the interim meeting (further details soon). All your ideas will be critical to shape our winter agenda.
As a concluding thought, and after the Arab spring and the Spanish assemblies movement, Margaret Mead’s words come to mind:
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”