It’s been emotional….. do public servants have enough time and space to reflect?

Another excellent research blog post from the 21st Century Public Servant team.

21st Century Public Servant

21CPS_Relational-reflectiveThe future shape of public service that we have described throughout our research is one where structures are fragmenting, citizens demand authentic interactions, careers require much greater self-management, commerciality and publicness must be reconciled and expectations of leadership are dispersed across the organisation. To cope with this, the workforce will need time and space for public servants to reflect. However, many of our 21st public servant research interviewees said that more value is placed on activity rather than reflection and this leads to risk aversion and lack of innovation: ‘We put huge amount of store in activity and need to get better at valuing reflection, anticipating. The risk is if we focus on here and now we may not be able to transform and innovate. How do you slow it all down?’

Another said: You need spaces where you take yourself apart and sort it out with the fact…

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