Publication of the Birmingham University INLOGOV report on the 21st Century Public Servant

21st Century Public Servant

an image of qualities that 21st century public servant will have

For many months this site has been sharing ideas and information in support of research on the 21st Century Public Servant – carried out principally by Dr Catherine Needham and Catherine Mangan with support from Helen Dickinson, Liz Haydon from the Public Service Academy and funding from the ESRC.

Today the report is published and you can download it here. 

This evening there will be a launch event in Birmingham with a range of guests and participants – including  Mark Rogers – the chief executive of Birmingham City Council – and currently chair of Solace and Sally Bourner who is leading future design work.

In his introduction to the report Mark says…

…it has become clearer and clearer to me that our raison d’etre is the business
of making (either through our own actions and/or the actions of others) a positive difference to people’s lives. No…

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