From centre to community – Reclaiming local democracy

Venue: Playfair Library, Old College, University of Edinburgh


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Democracy Max









Democracy Max was a 13 month long citizen led inquiry into ‘what makes a good Scottish democracy’. Having analysed the findings, ERS Scotland now plans to hold a Convention on Scottish Democracy to discuss how we can make some of the aspirations of Democracy Max become reality.

The Democracy Max process has given us lots of experience and insights and we have decided that our focus should be on the extension of democratic power to a really local level, and to suggest ways that democracy can operate best when people have power in their own towns and communities.

Together with the Academy of Government at the University of Edinburgh, we are holding a day long deliberative discussion event focussed on finding campaign objectives for improving Scotland’s local democracy.

The day will also be about networking, relationship building, planning collaborations and creating synergies in order to create a strong campaign to reclaim local democracy.

We are inviting experts, academics, practitioners, advocates and critics to present ‘evidence sessions’ which will then be debated and discussed in facilitated deliberative format in order that the evidence can be thoroughly examined and future actions proposed.

People's Gathering

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