4 thoughts on “Public Dialogue and Deliberation: A Communication Perspective for Public Engagement Practitioners

    • Hi Sivin,
      I’m glad you found it useful. And the point of making the resource free is that hopefully it reaches beyond the usual networks. Good luck with your PhD!


  1. Hello,

    I first off want to say I really enjoyed reading this booklet. I was able to download the free PDF and really get into it. I agree with the statement you made when you said “Too often that rhetoric is deployed with little understanding of the variety of principles and practices enacted in dialogic communication.” Carl Botan in his Ethics in Strategic Communication Campaigns said: ” Modern public relations campaigns are strategic in nature and most public relations practitioners and scholars see public relations as strategic communication and themselves as strategic communicators.” “But there are other strategic communicators who do not see themselves as practicing public relations (interpersonal, group, and organizational communicators are often considered strategic).” This spoke a lot to me because everyone everyone is a strategic communicator at some point and I believe that if they are able to read this booklet they will see how important it is.

    Thank you for this reading,

    Brett Henderson
    Communications Graduate Student
    Drury University

    Botan, C. (1997). Ethics in Strategic Communications Campaigns . The Journal of Business
    Communication, 34.

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