Democracy Max: An Inquiry into the Future of Scottish Democracy









Democracy can always be made better. And with constitutional change high on the agenda, a referendum on independence expected in 2014 and the technology available to really scrutinise those that seek and hold power, this is the right time for Scotland to take stock and consider its democratic future.

Scotland’s Democracy has changed a lot since the establishment of our parliament in 1999. There have been strides such as reform of Local Government Elections and there have been ongoing improvements in openness, accessibility and transparency, but we still suffer many of the democratic deficits that affect the rest of the UK.


The Democracy Max programme

Over the next year our aim is to set out a vision of the ‘Good Scottish Democracy’, Democracy-Max, if you will.

The Electoral Reform Society Scotland, in collaboration with a range of partners including Edinburgh University’s Public Policy Network, is organising a series of roundtables and public events to debate issues of democracy within the changing political environment in which Scots live.

The events will be a non-partisan space where those with different views can debate and discuss Scotland’s future and where political rhetoric can be challenged and unpicked.

To open this series of events the Electoral Reform Society Scotland held  a deliberative People’s Gathering for Scots to listen and share their perspective on democracy and the constitution and to identify what concerns they themselves want to see addressed as part of the Inquiry.

Find out more about the Demo Max programme, watch a video, and download the reports HERE.

Sign up for our next public event on 4th of December 2012 HERE.


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