So Say Scotland: Creating a hub for democratic innovation







23 May, 1-3pm (over tea/coffee/muffins), 6th Floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building (staff room), George Square, University of Edinburgh

Register Here

We would like to invite you to join us in a project that seeks to imagine Scotland as an incubator for democratic innovation.

After initially presenting the idea for ‘So Say Scotland’ to PPN’s Citizen Participation Group last September, and then helping to bring Icelandic input to Scotland in March to talk about their participatory process, it’s now time to gather together folk who are interested in making a National Assembly happen here. We are aiming to build a team in order to

– create a web presence &

– host actions, to spread the word

– which may include raising funds

– as well as convening meetings in order to

– plan & produce a large scale citizens assembly

If you’re interested but can’t make this meeting, let us know how you can contribute to the project and we’ll include you in the division of labour.

Exciting times!


Susan Pettie, Stephen Elstub and Oliver Escobar

One thought on “So Say Scotland: Creating a hub for democratic innovation

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