Public involvement in the NHS: Work in progress?

4 April 2012, 5-6.30 drinks and nibbles afterwards, 6th Floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building, George Square, University of Edinburgh




During the last decade the NHS has taken steps towards enabling greater public involvement in shaping its services and policies by, for instance, institutionalising the ‘duty to consult’ and fostering the creation of Public Partnership Forums.

In this session we ask: What is this shift towards public participation producing on the ground? How is this affecting the institution and the range of people who engage with it? What are the practical challenges of public involvement? What should happen next?

As ever, to get the conversation started, a mix panel of academics and practitioners will briefly share their perspectives and experiences. Everyone is welcome to come and participate, as well as to join us for a drinks reception afterwards.


  • Ellen Stewart (University of Edinburgh)
  • Rosemary Hill (Participation Network)
  • Andy Thompson (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sarah Sinclair (NHS Lothian)

Organised by the Citizen Participation Network @ PPN

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