Dialogue Techniques for Public Engagement

An Edinburgh Beltane Training Course for Social Scientists


Almost by definition, empirical research in the social sciences demands that you engage with wider publics. In addition, social scientists often want to engage in conversations with specific stakeholder or other social groups in order to explore how their findings may be useful in policy or practice, to gain inputs to shaping future research directions, and so on. ‘Dialogue’ offers a powerful approach to communication in all sorts of collaborative interactions including public engagement.

The training approach will give you hands-on experience of practical techniques plus orientation and reflection on dialogic approaches to public engagement.

When and where?

  • Sessions 1&2: Monday 9 May at David Hume Conference Room, George Square, Edinburgh (UK)
  • Sessions 3&4: Thursday 12 May 2011 at Heriot-Watt Post-Graduate Centre, 2.01, Edinburgh (UK)

Both days: 9:30 to 17:00

Cost: Free

More information and bookings:


There is also a version of this course designed for engineers:


The course has been developed and will be delivered by Wendy Faulkner, in collaboration with Heather Rea and Oliver Escobar.


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